Should You Trust Proxy Servers?

Many people use proxies when working for a corporation or remotely. Moreover, more and more people start using proxy servers when simply browsing the Internet. They do it to hide IP address or access the geo-restricted websites, etc. However, far from all of them know how a proxy server works. Let’s get to know it better and figure out whether we can trust them.
Putting it simply, a proxy server is an intermediate between your PC and a website on the Internet. When you send a request to a site, it goes to a proxy instead. The server then encrypts your data and accesses the site allowing you to browse it. There are various websites where you can get a proxy server. Get one at
Although the general idea is now clear the question of whether we can trust them is yet open. Before you become a regular proxy user, you should learn a few details. Firstly, although it encrypts your information for other websites, it sees your data. Meaning the server knows what exactly you are doing and what your IP address is. Both security and anonymity start only after your data reached the server. As a result, you have 2 things to worry about. First is that a hacker’s attack can steal your data when it’s on its way to the server. Second is that the proxy server’s owner can do virtually anything with it (e.g. sell it). In case you buy a proxy server from a reliable company with an excellent reputation, there is no need to worry about the 2nd problem. When you use a free version, however, you should take a minute to think about how to person is making money offering totally free software. You’ll never know if you can really trust those servers or if they actually protect you. This might lead you to an even worst-case scenario than using no proxies at all. So, be wise choosing a proxy.
When you know a reliable seller, you still need to think what kind of proxy you need. There are various types which can be classified by the level of anonymity or the geo-location they’ll provide you with. For instance, go to and discover more about German proxies. In general, a proxy server is a great way to add another layer of security to your Internet activities.

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