Gamecredits MobileGo: What Can They Be Used For?

Today, cryptocurrencies are used for many purposes because they have proven to be a secure and quick solution to make transactions, investment, and obtain other benefits. Those who are somehow related to the gaming industry may be interested in purchasing Gamecredits or MobileGo, and below you find reasons for that.
About MobileGo
MobileGo is an online gaming platform with its own digital currency that can be used for gamers to make different purchases related to gaming, including pay entrance fee for tournaments, get rewards, etc. If you are interested in getting some MobileGo tokens, you can do this on several online exchanges. Not only can you buy or sell MobileGo coins, but you can also trade them for another cryptocurrency. It is possible to use different payment methods, including cash, credit cards, PayPal, and others. It is important to note that in order to get MobileGo tokens, you need to purchase Bitcoins or Ethereum first.
About Gamecredits
GameCredits (also referred to as GAME) is a cryptocurrency project that aims at becoming the single payment solution to use on different gaming platforms. Gamecredits & MobileGo are sort of two brothers who have lots of similarities. Basically, they have the same goal, which is to offer secure cryptocurrency for the needs of gamers, game publishers, game developers and investors. They are planning to be financed by gamers through their participation rather than big sponsors.
Gamecredits and MobileGo
The main goal of the MobileGo tokens is to help in promoting and funding the Gamecredits Mobile Store as well as ensure the development of smart contract technology based on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, the price for Gamecredits coins is higher than for that offered for MobileGo crypto, but the latter was launched later, and it still shows the steady increase in the price. Basically, it is up to you what you want to purchase to use based on what you know or which games you wish to play. Both currencies have similar advantages; particularly, they are linked to the mobile gaming industry. More about Gamecredits and MobileGo, you can check out here

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