3 Types of Quality Assurance Services Which Keep Your Clients

Are you new to QA services? So in this article, we’ll tell you what types of them are there, which company provides the best services and reveal their main features. Read this if you’re a digital product creator.

If you haven’t used any quality assurance service, we’ll reveal some types of them. In this article, you’ll know which one to choose from depending on the type of digital product you have. We’ll take them from Testmatick’s website, it’s a testing company with 9-year working experience.

Type №1 – Load

This kind of service is for analyzing whether your website or application works properly when a certain number of people use it at once. A special testing program behaves itself like real users to find out the downsides. If you make this test in the early stages of development, it’ll prevent you from huge money and time losses.

Type №2 – Security

This test helps to find out all the risks and threats of your game or application. After the analysis, it’s seen whether it’s easy to hack the system or not, where there are mistakes and downsides allowing the third parties to penetrate the working process. The service is a must for everyone, really.

Type №3 – Cross Browser

This test checks all the available platforms or those which are used by your clients and finds out whether it’s convenient to use your product everywhere. The client side is tested as well as servers. In the end, one gets a report where all the mistakes are seen and can be fixed in the future.

Visit Testmatick’s website to find more than 20 different tests. The team has many glad clients worldwide, and you can become one of them in a few clicks.

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