The Art of Layering the Perfume

There are several ways to apply the fragrance: the step of Aphrodite, the application to the pulse points, and the layering. Today we’ll discuss the latter one and why this might be the best way.

3 steps to long-lasting perfume

The layering of perfume is basically a 3-step system. It’s a very popular way to use with light mists and scented sprays. If you want to have a light but a long-lasting scent in summer, you should learn how to layer it.

There is an easy trick you can use to make your favorite fragrances last longer. Get the set where shower gel, lotion, and spray have the same smell. Very often brands offer such sets or sell the products separately. You can also come across other products with the same smell including a soap bar, dry perfume, etc. All of them are created to help you layer the smell. Anyway, using every product you’ll add a new layer of fragrance. When you go to, you’ll see them in the category of gift sets.

In case you don’t have this opportunity, you should get a fragrance-free lotion and use it before you apply your favorite perfume. The hydrated skin will keep it on your body longer and the scent-free cream or lotion won’t interfere with the way your perfume is supposed to smell like.

This technique can be used any season and help you extend the life of your favorite smell. Regardless of the category, you can choose from floral, fruity, woody, spicy, etc. and be able to enjoy it all day long.

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