“Thunderstruck” by AC/DC – learn the history of writing

Thunderstruck is used by many athletes and sports teams. For example, the track is used by football club Juventus, boxer Manni Pacquiao, and others. The song can also be heard in many films like Thunderstruck, Supernatural, etc.

Writing of the “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC

An interesting legend (even a fictional one) associated with any song has always increased the interest of the public in it. This is what all the recording companies use. Therefore, many musicians tell amazing stories about their compositions, many of which are partially or completely fictional. However, often music lovers themselves help them in this, inventing incredible stories. Despite the story, the track is really powerful itself. Listen to hydro.fm to feel its energy and find many other interesting tracks.

After the release of the Thunderstruck song, two major versions of how it was written were distributed to AC/DC fans. According to one of them, Angus Young composed it under the impression of the flight, during which lightning struck the plane. According to another, inspiration came to him after the band members visited the military exercises CALFEX, where they were particularly struck by the tank M1A1. Thunderstruck opens the album The Razors Edge, which was first presented to the public in 1990. The song climbed to the fifth line of the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and was released as a single in several countries.

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