The ultimate guide for buying a perfect amp for your guitar

Still hesitate, which amp will perfectly suit your favorite guitar? How to choose the best amp among hundreds of various options? Here is an ultimate guide for picking up the best amp for the reasonable price with ease.

Choosing your amp: the guide for beginners

A good amp is will make your guitar sound richer and more versatile. Therefore, choosing the best amp is important for providing the guitar’s sound of the highest quality. Below you will find a list of handy tips for purchasing a good amp.

  • Always take your guitar. Choosing an amp without trying it with your own guitar might be really disappointing. Every guitar is unique, so the same amp might sound different with different guitars.
  • Tube tone. Although there are digital and solid-state options, tube tone remains to be the golden standard for most professional guitar players.
  • Consider the size of your amp. You should take into account the size of the premise, where you are going to play. If you need an amp for playing the guitar in your flat only, there is no need to purchase a bigger device.
  • The size of your speakers should fit your guitar. The fitting speakers are vital for providing a good sound.
  • Adjusting your amp. It’s a good idea to adjust different tones to make sure your amp can dial in a sound easily and quickly.

If you are looking for a small, but powerful amp, here is a list of the greatest devices recommended by guitar pros:

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