A Checklist before a Renovation – 5 Things to Remember

Check whether you’ve made everything before starting a renovation. Pay attention to these things to prevent being disappointed about a result. If you still don’t know which style to choose – visit interiorseye.com.

We know how hard it is to renovate a flat, that’s why we’ve created this checklist to help you. Make sure you’ve done all the points before throwing out the furniture and getting rid of the old wallpaper.

  • Find the idea

Spend more time but get a well-designed flat. Select a suitable style, materials, and furniture, visualize the idea and prepare everything for putting it into life. All these steps are easier with Interiorseye. It’s a service allowing to buy all furniture from Pinterest pictures directly from the website.



  • Create a cost sheet

Interior details isn’t a cheap thing, that’s why we recommend planning all the expenses in advance. Materials, furniture, an interior stylist, and workers – everything should be taken into account.

  • Take a leave

It’s always better to control everything by yourself, that’s why we recommend leaving your work for some period of time.

  • No children and pets

Take care about the children and pets will leave the house when the renovation starts. The smells of chemical solutions aren’t good for them.

  • Protect the valuable things

Don’t leave them in the house, at least without any packaging. Transport them to friends’ and relatives’ homes if they don’t mind.

We hope that this list was helpful. Share it with friends if they are about to change the places they live in. Good luck!

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