What Kind of Incentive Traffic Works

If you are promoting your goods and services using various methods on the Internet, you must already know a lot about incentive marketing. However, you may not know that there are banned ways and the ones which are allowed by some Terms of Service. Before trying out a new way to advertise your program, discover if the traffic is legitimate and it really suits your project.
Incentive traffic is the traffic received when the users get to the website with the help of offers on other websites. For instance, one site offers money or other perks to a user if he/she clicks through and visit another site. It used to be less valuable but nowadays, its popularity is growing and there are ways that attract the targeted customers.
Incentive traffic can come from marketing activities like loyalty programs, cashback programs, social gaming offers, “free” promotions, and pay-to-complete.
The first and probably the most popular one is using your affiliate links in different programs that offer cashback or other perks. For instance, some airlines offer miles for purchases made using affiliate links. Other companies offer a rebate, free shipping or extra coupons for purchases through the affiliate links.
Gaming offers provide with a chance to exchange accomplishments for virtual cash that can be used for something specific (like movie rental, magazine subscription, etc.). Other kinds of getting incentive traffic are “free” promotions and pay-to-complete. These methods require a person to go through a list of offers, complete a survey, and do other tasks to get either money or a chance to win something. They are not preferable but still exist.
If you use incentive traffic with the help of the third-party sources, think before its impact beforehand. Make sure everything is achieved with the methods you wish and approve. In addition, the affiliate links must be put on the sites which are suitable for them. Target your potential customers by learning more about their preferences and where your paths can cross.
Moreover, it’s great if you offer a real benefit for your potential customer even before he makes a purchase. This is the case when you build relations with your customers and make them loyal to your goods and services. The incentive traffic is efficient when it’s transparent and clear. State the benefits everyone gets from the deal (i.e. clarify what the website gains from the click, purchase, etc). Otherwise, it’s a violation which can cause your business quite a lot of trouble.

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