Trodax increases your deposit

There is a simple formula for increasing your profits with the Trodax platform. So, when you buy a cryptocurrency, you wait for the moment when the price on it rises, and then immediately sell it. Thus, income is automatically increased. If the price suddenly drops, the bot again purchases the same cryptocurrency. Then the price becomes average. Therefore, we sell our cryptocurrency and also get a benefit. Such a purchase can be carried out if necessary several times until the cryptocurrency rises in price and the transaction closes with a profit for you.

It’s easy – choose a strategy

To make a profit with the value of your cryptocurrency, you need to determine your strategy. To do this, select the percentage of your income as well as the average step in the settings. For your convenience, it can be done both from a computer and from mobile. In addition, you track the statistics of sales, profit, and get notifications about the dynamics of trade. We also took into account that sometimes you will need to receive a recommendation on the choice of cryptocurrency at a particular stage of the sale, or track down an analyst, check accounts – all this is in our application. Start now by going to our website

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