Mine crypto everywhere with Mineralt

If you own a website, browser extension or an online game, you know how valuable cryptocurrency is. But do you know it’s possible to earn it using your own platform? Today we’ll show you Mineralt, a service which does it fast and cheap.

An attractive user-friendly website

If you visit the official page (https://mineralt.io), you’ll see how convenient and well-designed it is. To start using Mineralt is very simple, just press the “Integrate Mineralt script” button and register. After copying the code to the necessary platform it’ll start mining. A special version for mobile apps is also offered.

Impossible for tracking

This mining service is extremely productive because it doesn’t stop working even if one has Adblock. It’s equipped with a protection from such programs and some anti-viruses. If you read forums and blogs there’ll be a lot of reviews proving this.

Other advantages in a short summary

It’s useless to speak about the specific features if you won’t understand the whole picture. So here’s a list of things that we like most of all:
– A variety of coins: Sumokoin, Monero, Nicehash and Electroneum;
– Payouts: the minimum is about $4, it’s paid 4-5 times a week every 24 hours.
– The fixed price: you pay only 30% of every reward and there are no additional fees;
– The affiliate program: invite friends and get 5% of their incomes;
– A calculator of the future incomes on the main page.

So we’ve given many reasons to try Mineralt. It’s a reliable service for everyone who wants a passive income.

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