How to improve campaign performance of push notifications

Do not waste time and money, use these tips and start sending push notifications to your subscribers right now. This will help you build strong relationships with the target audience and take your business to a new level.

Improving the performance of push notifications

With proper use, push notifications can become a powerful marketing tool. Otherwise, some customers may permanently refuse to cooperate with you. So, in order to make sure your push notifications are effective, adhere to the following:

  • Think about cross-browser compatibility/cross-platform. Before sending a push notification, look at how it will look in different browsers. Try to summarize the information briefly so that notifications are correctly displayed on smartphones and tablets.
  • Segment the audience. Do not forget that you can send notifications not to all subscribers. Divide users into groups, depending on the platform used, the browser language, the region, the page, and the subscription date.
  • Do an A/B testing. Send notifications to different groups of users and determine which option is most effective. Test each element of the content separately: text, title, and image.
  • Save time with delayed sending. Plan the campaign in advance and specify the time of sending for each notification. You can change both the time and the text of the notification at any time.
  • Welcome new users with automatic distribution. Write a few welcome messages and send them to beginners.
  • Be creative. Your subscribers should feel that the message is addressed to them. Therefore, add some personal information to the text of notifications.
  • Do not overdo with frequency. Avoid sending push notifications too often to not annoy subscribers.
  • Monitor and analyze statistical information. Carefully follow the statistics and evaluate all the indicators to make the campaign more efficient.

Using the advertising Push notifications network will definitely make you push notification campaign more effective.

To connect push-mailing, you need to register with the service and follow several steps:

  • Add a site
  • Specify the type of request
  • Place the code on the site

The specificity of the service includes:

  • There are no restrictions on the number of mailings and subscribers.
  • The possibility of sending multiple push ads (creation of a cycle of interconnected notifications).
  • Automatic distribution of news from RSS using push messages.
  • Support for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • Advanced settings for message output (delay time, imitation of the appearance under the system notification Chrome, and others).

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