5 Most Reliable Microsoft Dynamics Alternatives for the Best Business Results

When Microsoft Dynamics 365 appeared on the market, it became extremely popular thanks to the smart combination of customer relationship management with enterprise resource planning capabilities. It is a single solution for managing numerous business aspects and processes, including sales, finance, marketing, service, and others. Over the time, customers started to complain about a range of issues or disadvantages of this software, which allowed other software companies to start working on designing Microsoft Dynamics alternatives. We have selected 5 most reliable platforms that can be used instead of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Bpm’online unified CRM platform

It is one of the best Microsoft Dynamics alternatives that allows managing the whole customer journey in a convenient and hassle-free way. The platform unifies BPM and CRM and also includes an extensive marketplace of helpful templates and apps. It is suitable for managing both external and internal processes.


Some of its benefits over Microsoft Dynamics 365 include:

  Bpm’online Microsoft Dynamics 365
Monthly price per user $25-$50 $115-$210
Customization + free + paid
Capterra rating 5/5 4/5
G2 Crowd rating 4.7/5 3.5/5
Software Advice rating 5/5 4/5


It is strongly recommended to consider this Microsoft Dynamics alternative.


It is a collaboration platform suitable for communicating and organizing things to ensure the on-time completion of projects and tasks.

It includes the following features:

  • Action-oriented overview. The software allows your team to find the right information for moving forward;
  • Robust workflows. Thanks to advanced workflows feature, your team will not be dealing with repetitive tasks, which will help in achieving the goals quicker;
  • Centralized work hub. It allows quickly transferring and integrating data from other sources.

You can check this out here.


It is complete yet uncomplicated CRM. It includes tools for growing your sales, delivering good customer care, and running effective marketing campaigns.

The main benefits include:

  • Complete CRM;
  • Next generation UX;
  • 360 customer view;
  • Flexible integration platform;
  • Multiple deployment options.

You can find it here.



It is one of the most interesting Microsoft Dynamics alternatives that allows enabling only features that you need. It includes the following modules:


  • Sales;
  • Human resources;
  • Logistic;
  • Stock;
  • Invoicing;
  • Accounting;
  • Manufacturing, and others.


You can check it out here.



It is a simple yet effective CRM system allowing tracking leads and managing follow-ups.

Some of its capabilities include:

  • Keeping important customer emails on a single page;
  • Reviewing notes of your colleague;
  • Finding the follow-ups;
  • Seeing all the people related to your company;
  • Setting reminders;
  • Sending bulk email;
  • Scheduling sales call;
  • Entering notes from a call;
  • Setting tasks.


You can check it out here.


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